Cheap Food Possibilities For New York City Vacations


We’ve all said at some time or another “if we didn’t have to eat we would be rich” and this is even more applicable when on vacation. You will be glad to hear then that a trip to New York it’s a helluva lot cheaper to eat out than you would imagine.

Our tips for eating out will leave you feeling as full as your wallet. The world famous street food is like no other, and little diners serving wonderful cuisines from around the world give you the pleasure of fine dining at budget prices cheap recipes sweden.

If you, like me, are a massive fan of falafel, get yourself along to best store in New York; Rainbow Falafel. These delicious treats will have you wanting more, I guarantee it.

No trip to New York is complete without sampling a few hot dogs, and the best bar none are to be found at Gray’s Papaya. Considering how good they taste, the price is awesome; only 2 bucks will get you 2 hot dogs and a drink.

If you like to eat in quiet, tastefully decorated premises then give this a miss. The fact they charge so little speaks volumes about the surroundings. If taste matters more to you than what’s on the walls you’ll be perfectly happy with your meal.

Sandwiches make a great lunch but if you get one of the enormous sandwiches on offer at Tony Luke’s, they could also be dinner. These are bursting with meat and flavor, and if you can manage it, get a side order of fries and a soda as well.

So now you know where to go to get good food at great prices. There are many more places just like these waiting to be discovered. Spread the word that although New York has a reputation as an incredibly expensive city to visit, you can eat really cheaply.

Enjoy your trip to New York and enjoy everything that this magnificent city has to offer. The only problem you will have with food is that you literally be spoiled for choice!

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